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Production Process Quality Control of cast film die

In the premise of quality assurance of raw materials, cast film die production process is the key to control product quality, including temperature, production line speed, thickness control, stratified shunt control, surface treatment. (1) temperatur

t-die extrusion lamination

Hangers with a flow t-die extrusion lamination , 90-degree flow bar, adjustable upper and lower lip thickness The t-die extrusion lamination has a streamlined runner surface, two half-mold design, die disintegration, cleaning is simple and easy. Mold

extrusion sheet die

extrusion sheet die When the temperature of extrusion die was controlled to be 130~140 ℃, the PVB sheet wouldhave a roughness surface. By the cuniform convergent channel die and critical extrusion condition, the properties of PPself-reinforced shee

extrusion die flat sheet die

Precision tools for extrusion die flat sheet die BREYER flat sheet dies are developed with state-of-the-art software, built in 3D design, and manufactured on CNC machines. They get their high-quality finish through the selection of materials and coat

Extrusion hydraulic screen pack changer products

Extrusion hydraulic screen pack changer products slide plate type There are two screen packs in the screen changer, they work in the same time, and when the screen changing is required, the screen changed one after the other. this process guarrantee

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