batte melt pump

an important application of continuous hydraulic screen chan

The detailed design of the ventilation channel and the filter channel ensures the excellent performance and continuous flow of the continuousscreen changer.

quality distinction of plastic granulation machine

Our main products are screen changer, continuous screen changer ,hydraulic screen changer,the following understanding of the quality of the granulation machine. 1. the bottle body and cover sealing, water vapor permeability. Sealing and wat

The principle characteristic of the automatic washing screen

Its working principle: the plastic melt through the reverse wash the body flow into the automatic continuous screen changer body, the impurity is filtered by the metal filter. Filtration of the gradual accumulation of impurities in the net,

Structure of single plate continuous screen changer

The screen changer is composed of the main body, the reciprocating plate, the heater and the hydraulic power system, and the temperature and pressure monitoring and controlling system..

Features Hydraulic stations

Hydraulic pump means is, Manifold or valve combination, the fuel tank, electronically controlled accumulator combination. It is changer filter replacement and cleaning of the power system. Motor driven hydraulic pump to rotate the suction p

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