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Common failures and solutions of double plunger screen changer (pillar type screen changer)

The double plunger screen changer is also called the plunger screen changer. It is designed as a dual-channel dual-filter screen structure. When changing the screen, one screen works and one screen is replaced. It does not interrupt the material flow

The position of melt screen changing filter in plastic machinery

In the plastic machinery, the melt screen changing filter is also a key component. The plastic raw material enters the screen device after being extruded by the heating screw of the extruder. Because most of the plastic raw materials are impossible t

What are the structures of special mesh changer for melt blown cloth

The special mesh changer for melt blown cloth is composed of main body, sealing component, porous plate, filter screen and switching device. In the material selection of the main body of the melt blown cloth screen changer, Zhengzhou Bart adopts high

Zhengzhou batte delivers matched melt filter in advance

Since the beginning of March, Henan bate has successively received melt blown cloth projects from mask manufacturers and other companies to provide melt filter products. This batch of production tasks has large quantity, short delivery time and high

Production process of melt blown nonwovens with screen changer

The production process of melt blown nonwovens is as follows: melt polypropylene chips (fr400-1200) through screw extruder, spray them into fiber shape through spinneret hole, and under the high-speed (13000m / min) hot air flow melt pump blowing, ma

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