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Application of automatic screen changer for drenching machine

The automatic net screen changer is used in the production of chemical fiber, blown film, flat film, tape film, pipe, sheet, wire and fiber, cutting thread, recycling and so on. Characteristics of automatic screen changer for drenching machine 1. Thi

Double column backwashing performance characteristics of screen changer

On the basis of double column continuous net screen changer , the double column backwash screen changer is used in the international invention patent technology. The filter net is quickly washed with a small amount of net material in the body, so tha

batte Manual screen changer machine

Batte is a screen changer comprises one or more screen manual or automatic switching device for flow filter in the plasticization of foreign particles and filter out impurities. The filter consists of a porous alloy plate, perforated plate mounted on

Characteristics of plastic extruder screen changer

The plastic extruder screen changer application for chemical fiber, plastic film, flat film, cast film changer extruder manufacturing plastic extruder, pipe, plate and wire, fiber, cutting line, recovery etc.. Characteristics of plastic extruder scre

Plastic granulation production line installation screen changer function

Many users do not know the plastic mechanical presses can be installed screen changer . If the screen changer is added, it can not only filter out the impurities, but also greatly improve the plasticization and homogenization effect of the raw materi

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