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Plastic granulation production line installation screen changer function

Many users do not know the plastic mechanical presses can be installed screen changer . If the screen changer is added, it can not only filter out the impurities, but also greatly improve the plasticization and homogenization effect of the raw materi

Automatic hydraulic screen changer operation rules

Zhengzhou batte melt pump Co., Ltd. is focused on the R D, production and sales of the converter, relying on the strong technology accumulation and the invention patent in the exchange network industry to occupy the technical highland, more than thre

How to solve the volume loss of the melt pump perfectly

The volume loss inevitably exists in the melt pump during transportation, which mainly includes: (1) the leakage of the axial clearance (i.e. the end clearance of the gear). (2) leakage of radial clearance. (3) the leakage of the gear meshing point.

Column backwash hydraulic mesh changer

The net screenchanger is also known as the melt filter . Its main function is to filter impurities in plasticized materials through the screen changer and improve the quality of the final products. At present, the type of net exchanger in China is di

Four main types of heaters in Plastic Extruders

(1) mica heating ring, heating body is heating wire or flat heat wire (resistance band). The insulating layer of the screen changer is made of mica sheet. The coil sheath is made of ordinary carbon steel. The advantages of mica heating ring are simpl

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