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  • Automatic lifting AGV pallet truck

    Automatic lifting AGV pallet truck

    IKV Automatic lifting AGV, also named Automatic Elevating AGV, can convey the material to the designated material receiving platform. AGV lifting vehicle body controls scissor-type elevator to complete automatic unloading along with different height o...
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  • <b>Magnetic guidance forklift AGV</b>

    Magnetic guidance forklift AGV

    Magnetic guidance forklift AGV, also called Magnetic Tape guidance, Which adds intelligent guidance and control system on basis of traditional electrical forklift. This magnetic AGVs moves in the designated moving line or stops in the site by means o...
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  • <b>Backpack AGV car Automated Guided Vehicles( AGV )</b>

    Backpack AGV car Automated Guided Vehicles( AGV )

    Backpack AGV is running along with pallet, rack or case on its back. The material transfer can be achieved by one point to multiple points based on magnetic guidance. The backpack forklift AGV calling system can optionally transports the load to site ...
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  • <b> Laser Guide forklift Agv China Wholesale, China Suppliers - IKV</b>

    Laser Guide forklift Agv China Wholesale, China Suppliers - IKV

    IKV laser guidance forklift AGV, Intelligent Laser Guidance Forklift AGV vehicles for sale. Low cost Laser Guidance Forklift AGV robot price....
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  • Bidirectional Roller AGV

    Bidirectional Roller AGV

    Industrial Magnetic conveyor roller agv material handling robot Automatic Guided Vehicle, Fully automatic guided vehicle warehouse AGV Transport Robots....
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  • <b>One way lurking AGV</b>

    One way lurking AGV

    IKV offers 32 Automated guided vehicles lurking agv robot products. About 92% of these are other material handling equipment, 5% are forklifts....
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  • AGV control system

    AGV control system

    Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Controls can lower labor costs and increase productivity for industrial users. AGV control system include system configuration, key modules task management, congestion control, and real-time monitoring....
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  • Load Transfer cart Vehicle AGV Car Robot

    Load Transfer cart Vehicle AGV Car Robot

    The Load Transfer cart Vehicle AGV CAR Robot, also reffered to as Unit load automated guided vehicles (AGVs), include AGV typically interfaces with stands and conveyors. The Load Transfer Vehicle include AGVs that are designed to move loads at high th...
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  • Bidirectional driving self-unloading lurking AGVS

    Bidirectional driving self-unloading lurking AGVS

    The Bidirectional Driving Self-Unloading AGV can be used for putting on finished magazine or turnover box. This self-unloading agvs stops by station and accomplish the round-trip transportation between A-B or multiple stations, china bidirectional lur...
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  • heavy duty load transfer agv

    heavy duty load transfer agv

    heavy load agv, also called as Heavy Burden Carrier Vehicles and Heavy Large-Platform Bidirectional Driving heavy duty AGV, They can be supplied with self-loading capabilities as well as standard, pivot and omni-directional steering....
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what is AGV (automated guided vehicle) car?

IKV industrial robot design and manufacture Automated Guided Vehicle for different types of material transports, making your processes more flexible, efficient and safe.

agv cars

IKV has been making automatic guided vehicle agv car for over 10 years in china. in our product range we have forklift agv, packback agv, towing agv, roller agv, two way lurking agv and so on. AGV vehicle navigation modes can adopt magnetic tape agvnavigation, laser agv navigation, inertial two-dimensional code navigation, visual navigation and so on according to actual needs.

AGV MES system

IKV has been MES(Manufacturing Execution System)and RTD-WMS 3.0 Mobile Warehouse Management System, strong industrial robots support and perfect system design customize Intelligent Warehouse agv Management for You.

agv cars robot price vedio

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